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the two foundation

 exists to create a movement of full integration in the local workforce for individuals with exceptionalities. The Two Foundation does this by bridging the gap between individuals and local business partners. They prepare, place and support their job seekers, and do all they can to ensure long term success in the workplace.

Two Foundation Harvest Moon

The Dickenson Collection



The Two Foundation

Frances + David Dickenson

behind the painting process

Sherwin Willams
Mavec Collections

the painting REVEAL

at The Two's Shine On Harvest Moon fundraiser event

Two Foundation

Listen to the design story

Two Foundation

The Dickenson Collection

The Dickenson's painting is now a limited edition collection sold to benefit The Two Foundation.  Hope, empower and succeed are The Two's words to live by. Their mission is to instill hope into the lives and families of the people they serve.


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