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Artist + Creative Entrepreneur  from Cleveland, Ohio

Mavec is a full-time artist and owner of Mavec Collections. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Ceramics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Mavec identifies herself as an experimental painter. She focuses on the use of bright colors and gestural applications of paint. She paints in the moment, through a series of decisions based on instinct while celebrating the energetic character that each piece naturally reveals. Her paintings elicit stories inspired by nature and emotion. Her exciting use of bold color is how most identify her style.  Mavec paints primarily with Cleveland-based Sherwin-Williams paint in an effort to support local. Her paintings reside in both private and corporate collections. Mavec is also a creative entrepreneur. She is the founder and product designer of Mavec Collections, a collection that showcases Mavec’s original works of art on paper, fabric and leather.

Meet Madelaine

Every item emblazoned with my art — from scarf to handbag to notepad to card — is a vibrant declaration of joy.

Why I Create.

I create art to tell a story I can’t express with words alone. Color is my vocabulary. I embrace bold colors, lively textures, and nature-inspired forms to create dynamic compositions that excite and delight the viewer. My intention is to disrupt the everyday and inspire happiness. I create art because I cannot imagine living any other way.


Every item emblazoned with my art—from scarf to handbag to notepad to card—is a vibrant declaration of the joy I see in life. I invite you to express yourself with my colorful creations so that you, too, may confidently stand out from the crowd and celebrate the happiness of life.

mc values


MC believes in the power of supporting local. MC strives to use local partners as much as possible starting with the paint. Mavec uses Sherwin-Williams, a local Cleveland based company for her paintings. MC partners with local manufacturers to produce all MC paper goods, both product and marketing materials as well as local craftsman to handmake all the leather.  


Lost by many today, quality is of the upmost importance at MC. Ensuring your MC products will last to bring you ongoing joy is always the objective. From the initial idea all the way to the finished product, quality is established and maintained. 


MC strives to find new ways to improve existing products. Whether that is design, quality or visual appearance every MC product reflects great attention to detail. The goal is to make your life easier and prettier. Everyday items don't have to just be functional they too can make a statement, be unique, improve quality of life and look pretty.

environmentally conscious.

MC cares deeply about making good choices in regards to the environment. At every opportunity, MC looks to minimize waste. We also create products that support eco-conscious lifestyles like the Everywhere Bags that can be used instead of plastic or paper bags when shopping.  Whether it's packaging, product, reducing overall waste by repurposing as much as possible, or recycling, MC always keeps a green mindset.  


Believe in color.

Embrace texture. Find form. Create exciting lines and surprising shapes. Tell a story inspired by nature and emboldened by your artistic vision. Live in the moment. Be decisive. Strive for inspiration, not perfection. Take chances. Look inwards to find what makes you stand out. Create like your life depends on it. Run to your passions. Express yourself. Reject gray for a bold bouquet that will never ever go away. Find joy and share it with others. Color outside the lines. Live your emotions. Find your tribe. Be creative in everything you do, say, and wear. Celebrate friendships. Raise people up. Dare. Live your life in the most disruptive and exuberant manner possible. Starting. Right. Now.

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