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madelaine mavec


madelaine is a contemporary artist who identifies herself as an experimental painter. her paintings elicit stories inspired by nature + emotion.

bright colors + expressive movement

why i create.

I create art to tell a story I can’t express with words alone.
Color is my vocabulary.

I embrace bold colors, lively textures, and nature-inspired forms to create dynamic compositions that excite and delight the viewer. 
My intention is to disrupt the everyday and inspire happiness.
I create art because I cannot imagine living any other way.



“Oh my gosh! It's beautiful! You really captured exactly what we wanted. 
We both love it and it will look so amazing in our house! You really do such wonderful work. You are so talented and we are so grateful.
We are so excited! ”

mary, ny

"Brings a smile every morning"

“You have an incredible gift! Even if I don’t have the space I am going to take it. It is a spectacular work of art. In awe.”
peter, oh

"I love my new painting! It will bring me so much joy in my home office! Thank you!"

"We LOVE our painting - it's perfect - thank you!"

“I absolutely love it. I’ll send you a picture of where I hung it. It is truly perfect. Your artwork is amazing - its so fun to see all of your pieces at my parents and sisters house too. We just love it!”
Abigail, oh

“You hit it out of the park! Fabulous job. We are thrilled. It is going to be fantastic. You are an incredible talent. Thank you”
Frances, oh



Uses Cleveland-based

Sherwin-Williams Paints

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