THE madelaine clutch

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I Leather handbag designed by Mavec
I Handmade locally in Ohio
I Hand-painted by Mavec
I Clutch measures 9″x13.5″
I Center snap closure
I Hand-painted design on front + back

her story

The Madelaine was the second leather handbag I ever designed. I wanted to create a simple clutch that looks sleek yet holds everything you need. A handbag that is simple yet uniquely bold. I named her after myself as I felt like this silhouette  gave me everything I'd ever wanted in a clutch. Still to this day, I have a collection of these that I wear the most!


Handmade in Ohio by a local craftsman who has been working with leather for 40+ years!


To fill a gap in the market.

A clutch that is simple yet uniquely bold. Sleek yet surprisingly roomy. Day or night, The Madelaine will not let you down. She will compliment your outfit and your confident personality. She will become the go-to BFF in your closet. Wearing her will bring you all the compliments!